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[Accessibility program] "Sounding Bodies: Intermedia in Hong Kong" Audio Description on Dance Performance and Interactive Session

Event Category: Performing Arts, Visual Arts

Accessibility Services


 Audio Description for Dance Performance and Interactive Session


Arts Accessibility Scheme offers audio description support and arranges accessible tours for people with visual impairment for the programme. Interested person(s) please contact us for more details.

Promotional image of  [Accessibility program] "Sounding Bodies: Intermedia in Hong Kong" Guided Tours on Interactive Sessions and Dance Performance with Audio Description



Programme Description

Sounding Bodies: Intermedia in Hong Kong, a set of informal and formal dance and intermedia workshops, installation, and performance events, examines deep listening and storytelling in the context of everyday life in urban and natural sites across Hong Kong. Each event will explore how the co-creation of sound sculptures, music and dance improvisations, and community sharing can trigger new formulations of sounding bodies, deep listening and storytelling—especially new forms of listening to, in, and with nature.


This project showcases pioneering work on virtual-live (accessible) sound sculptures; the use of (assistive) audio and visual technologies inside of the installation and performance for all audience participants; and performance techniques—that, in part, draw on Buddhist practices to sound, silence, and nature—and that show us how to listen to nature from across our different sensorial and cultural perspectives. These digital innovations are particularly important in the time of COVID as the performing arts search for innovations in virtual-live performance methods.

Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, the Founding Director of Folded Paper Dance and Theatre Limited has observed that: “Growing up Indian-American and hard-of-hearing, I often experienced the need to improvise technology systems, my performance styles, and intercultural communication methods so that I could dance in a hearing and cross-cultural world. After many years of living overseas and working in both Hong Kong and India, I have learned that we all still have a lot of work to do on how to communicate across cultures. These days, we are also faced with the complicated and strange impact of COVID on both the performing arts and our environment. Innovation in and through the arts in response to COVID, though still emerging, is essential. We can only, however, develop new solutions through collaboration with each other.”


Sounding Bodies is spearheaded by choreographer, director, curator, and scholar Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, Ph.D. The project features dancers Pak- Hong Lau, Christine He, Soraya Chau, Ophey Sankofa Chan, Rhyn Cheung, Florence Woo, and Chun To Yeung; musicians Jeremy Leung; Peter Wong, and Fode Alex Cheung; and designers Gary Chan, Yu Wing Yan, LAI Tze Yu, and To Wun.

Sounding Bodies is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Cooperating organizations include HKU’s Common Core+; JTIA (with Venue Support); SLCO-CR; and Accessibility Partner: Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong as well as generous friends of Folded Paper.



Programme Details


Dance Performance

Date: 8 May 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 2:30pm

Target Participant: People with visual impairment

Language: Cantonese

Venue:  Jao Tsung-I Academy (800 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon)


Pre-Show workshop: 1pm - 1:45pm

Post-Show Interactive Sessions 



Enrollment and Enquiry on Audio Description Supports


Arts Accessibility Scheme, Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong

Contact person: Miss Kimmy Chan
Phone: 2777 1771
Fax: 2777 1211
Email: kimmychan@adahk.org.hk



Programme Details


Folded Paper Dance and Theatre Limited

Enquiries: WhatsApp: 6335 1683 (Ms Chan)

Email: officefoldedpaperdance@gmail.com

Website: Link to the official webpage of "Sounding Bodies: Intermedia in Hong Kong"