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A Bit More Than Arts Festival 2014

Event Category: ADAHK Programmes, Performing Arts, Visual Arts

Accessibility Services

(Ceremony cum Performance Showcase) Audio Description, Theatrical Interpretation, Sign Interpretation

(Pre-Festival Exhibition) Audio Description

(Main Exhibition) Audio Description (artworks & videos), Accessible Captions (videos), Sign Video Tour, Tactile Map, Tactile Diagram (selected artworks)



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Programme Description

Since 2011, ‘A Bit More Than Arts Festival’ has been showcasing the artworks of artists with or without disabilities, and has successfully cultivated the knowledge of inclusive arts in the community.


Under ‘The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Inclusive Arts Project’, Jockey Club Inclusive Arts Studio (JCIAS) has organised various events and workshops in the past year, which have inspired the public community to go broader and further in the development of inclusive arts. With the theme of ‘A New Direction to Inclusive Arts’, this year’s festival will showcase the achievements of JCIAS participants through various art form, as well as their collaboration with other artists.


JCIAS has instilled many insights and innovative ideas in the development of inclusive arts. ‘Artlink’, for instance, is an on-going art exchange programme for local and foreign communities, encouraging participants to share local stories and culture through art with participants from other countries, such as Germany and Taiwan. The program was recently joined and enriched by more local organisations and participants from Texas, US. ‘Open Studio’ is another programme that aims to bring brand new art experience to the public by introducing various art forms and art dimensions to more people. ‘Training for Artists with Disabilities’ provides theme-oriented training programmes, where participants can both improve their techniques and broaden their visions in arts. The trainings also encourage participants to express and better understand themselves, as well as the community, which help them to create more expressive and vivid artwork.


In ‘Trainer’s Training’ workshops, participants can acquire the skills to share art and related experiences with people of diffferent abilities, as well as to explore ways of practical application of ‘inclusiveness’ in arts events. They study related cases from overseas and try to apply them in local communities. ‘Community Partnership Programme’ establishes close relations with local communities to promote inclusive arts. JCIAS actively goes into the community, and communicates with the public through a varitey of art performances, activties, sharing sessions, exhibtions and collaborations with different artists and organisations. The Annual Exhibition and Performance will showcase the creative achievements of JCIAS participants, at the same time encouraging them to share their sentiment and exploration during the process, which will help the public understand and experience the development of JCIAS at different levels.


‘A Bit More Than Arts Festival’ will be held from1 January to 15 February 2015, where a series of activities will be organised, including exhibitions, Play-it-forward ceremony cum performance showcase, guided-tours, arts sharing sessions and workshops. The public is most welcome to join us and experience the diversity of art, and interact with JCIAS to explore the possibilities of inclusive arts.



Programme Details

Play-it-forward Ceremony cum Performance Showcase

Date: 7 February 2015 (Sat)

Time: 4:30–6:00pm

Venue: L1 Gallery & Central Courtyard, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC)


Pre-Festival Exhibition

Date: 4–8 January 2015

Time: 10:00am–8:00pm

Venue: Exhibition Area (E3 and E4), Auditoria Building, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


Main Exhibition

Date: 4–15 February 2015

Time: 10:00am–8:00pm

Venue: L1 Gallery, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC)



Programme Enquiry

Jockey Club Inclusive Arts Studio

Phone: 2777 8664

Fax: 2777 8669

Email: jcias@adahk.org.hk


Website: Link to Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong