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Hong Kong Ballet Open Dress Rehearsal- Pinocchio

Event Category: Performing Arts


Promotional image of Pinocchio
*By kind permission of Hong Kong Ballet for Pinocchio promotional image


Programme Description

Come see one of the best-known fairy tales retold through ballet! The Cricket appears and the adventures of Pinocchio begin. From a piece of wood, Geppetto creates Pinocchio, whom he loves as his own son. Naughty little Pinocchio keeps on running into trouble, first with the fox and the cat, two greedy crooks, then with his best schoolmate, the naughtiest boy in class. To top it all off, he even picks up the habit of lying! His lies cannot deceive the Blue Fairy, who makes his nose grow longer as he tells lies. To look for Pinocchio, Geppetto sets out to the sea and ends up in the stomach of a whale. Will the Blue Fairy come to their rescue? Will Geppetto and Pinocchio reunite in the end? Will Pinocchio learn to be real boy and good son?


Programme Details

Date: 27 Aug 2015 (Thur)

Time: 6:45pm - 9:30pm (Including pre-performance talk)

Venue: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Theme: Ballet

Audience: Suitable for age 6 and above (Users from rehabilitation organisations)

Admission: Free


Enrollment & Enquiry Details

Click here to download Application form of Pinocchio (in Chinese only)

Deadline for enrollment: before 3pm, 10 Aug 2015


Contact person: Ms. Connie Cheung

Phone: 2777 1771

Fax: 2777 1211

Email: connie@adahk.org.hk


Website: Link to the Hong Kong Ballet