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MaD 2016

Event Category: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Workshops, Others

Accessibility Services

Audio Description, Sign Interpretation, Accessibility Ambassadors, Simplified Version of Information

Promotional image of MaD 2016


MaD 2016

Comprising art, theatre, architecture, design, media, and multifaceted programmes, the MaD forum is a holistic creative experience for 1,300 participants from over 100 Asian cities.


Last year, they themed the annual forum 'Village Reimagined' and asked participants to reimagine different realities for the places they call home. This year, 'Village Reinvented' takes such imagination as the point of departure, and ventures to create practical change through reinventions.

Date & Time:

22 Jan 2016 (Fri) Evening

23 Jan 2016 (Sat) Whole Day

24 Jan 2016 (Sun) Whole Day


Venue: Kwai Tsing Theatre (Some activities will take place at other venues)


Details of Arts Accessibility Services

At Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre:

  • Cantonese, English and Madarin Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Hong Kong Sign Interpretation
  • Audio Description

At Other Venues of Kwai Tsing Theatre or Excursions: 

  • Hong Kong Sign Interpretation
  • Audio Description


  1. Please call 2777 1771 or email to enquiry@jcaasc.hk for reservation in advance before event date
  2. Reservation at the Arts Accessibility Service Counter on event date

At Arts Accessibility Service Counter: 

  • Simplified Version of Information

  • Accessibility Ambassadors



Other Accessibility Services: 

  • Audio describers (dressed in hot pink-coloured Arts Accessibility Ambassador T-shirts) will be available to provide on-site description at various 'MaD 2016' programme venues.
  • Hong Kong Sign language interpreters (dressed in black Arts Accessibility Ambassador T-shirts) will be available to provide on-site suupport as sign langauge users interact with various people and receive announcements at the event.
  • Arts Accessibility Ambassadors will be dressed in yellow T-shirts and will move about 'MaD 2016' to provide immediate support for people with disabilities, make arrangements for audio description or sign interpretation and resolve queries related to arts accessibility
    T-shirt of accessibility ambassadors


Simplified Version of Information

Please click here to download Simplified Version of Content (in Chinese only)

or Text Version of Simplified Version of Content (in Chinese only)


Cover of Simplified Version of Information



3 Day Pass

  • Persons with Disabitilies & Support Person: HKD600
  • Full-time Students: HKD850
  • Aged 35 or below: HKD1,200
  • Aged 36 or above: HKD1,850


2 Day Pass

  • Persons with Disabitilies & Support Person: HKD550
  • Full-time Students: HKD550
  • Aged 35 or below: HKD780
  • Aged 36 or above: HKD1,350


Remarks: Application for admission fee waiver is available. Please state in the application if required.



Please fill in the online registraion form at MaD 2016 Online Registration site

Programme Enquiries

MaD Team

Tel: 3996 1950

Website: Link to Official Website of MaD 2016

Organiser: Make a Difference Institute Limited